Why do my ears always feel oily?

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The ear is a very important organ in our body. It can help the body perceive the sounds of the outside world, help one listen to the needs of others, and allow one to communicate normally with the outside world. In addition to being able to listen to external sounds, the ears also play a very important role in appearance. A normal person can only look normal if his facial features are correct.

Why do my ears always feel oily? < /p> It may be related to the environment.
If you often work in a more dusty environment, or often dig your ears, it will cause the ears to be stimulated, resulting in too much earwax secretion, and it may also cause oily ears.

Caused by dampness and heat
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oily ears are caused by dampness and heat. Volume 73 of the Qing Dynasty's "Difficulties in Prescription Diagnosis and Dacheng" believes: "The meridians must be soaked with dampness and heat." Sexual intercourse refers to the combination of the Shaoyang of all the meridians, so the Qi passes through the ears and becomes excessively moist, and dirt accumulates in the ears and becomes slippery, resulting in oily ears." Oily ear
It may be due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands in the external auditory canal, which causes the earwax to dry slowly and have more water, resulting in earwax being thin and looking like oil, so it is called oily ear.

Generally speaking, the cerumen glands in the human ear secrete cerumen, which is earwax. If a person secretes these substances, he will also discharge some brownish-yellow oily viscous substances, and these viscous substances usually accumulate in the ear canal before drying, and some may even flow out of the ears. Then, let’s talk about this People have oily earwax, which is also called oily cerumen in medicine.

The occurrence of oily ears is also a relatively common phenomenon. For people with oily ears, as long as they take correct measures to clean their ears, their ears can be cured. Keeping it dry can also prevent excessive accumulation of earwax, which can lead to the invasion of bacteria and cause inflammation.

I believe that many people with oily ears are always troubled by oily ears, and some are accompanied by ear itching, which is thought to be caused by earwax secreted by oily ears. In this regard, a doctor once said in an interview that there is generally no close relationship between ear itching and oily earwax., if you often have ear itching, it may be a viral infection or foreign matter in the ear. When this happens, don’t pick out your ears at will, and don’t think it is caused by earwax. Just dig it out and find it. When your ears are excessively itchy, you need to receive timely treatment and clean your ears with the help of a doctor to relieve the itching.

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