I have been deaf for a long time and my speech is unclear. What should I do?

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The ears are a very important organ for us. We should take good care of our ears in our daily life. The more severe the degree of deafness, the more obvious the language barrier. Hearing loss below 25dB, generally no language barriers, does not affect normal speech communication; average hearing loss 26-40dB, no difficulty in hearing ordinary speech sounds, but in meetings with many people, it will be difficult to listen to small sound information It is difficult to hear, and this situation is even more prominent if the high frequency drops significantly.

I have been deaf for a long time and my speech is unclear. What should I do?

Because long-term inability to hear sound stimulation leads to reduced speech resolution, lack of communication, and brain sluggishness, we actively seek professional ear and nose care. Laryngology treats hearing. As long as hearing can be improved, language pronunciation can be improved through language training. Early hearing aid intervention is recommended.

You will clearly feel the language barrier caused by hearing loss. First of all, we must change psychologically and don't be stressed. You can try reading a text or newspaper aloud to give yourself a chance to correct yourself. If you take your time, you will definitely recover.

Acquired deafness will not lead to defects in language function, because acquired deafness is caused by acquired inattention. Compared with the language system at that time, It has been relatively well developed and will not have an impact on the language system due to deafness. Therefore, there is no need to worry about affecting your speech.

Deaf patients should wear Hearing Aids. By wearing hearing aids, they can still hear sounds relatively clearly, and communication with classmates will not be a big problem. However, there will be some discomfort without hearing aids. Convenience, parents should also take better care of their children.

Deaf patients should not have low self-esteem or autistic mentality. Nothing is impossible. They need to become stronger. Everyone has to endure some hardships and then they will change. Even better, God will take care of you, as long as you continue to work hard and surpass yourself, and interact with the people around you generously and confidently.

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