What does sudden deafness/tinnitus feel like?

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The most obvious type of hearing loss in young adults is called sudden or idiopathic sudden deafness. This type of hearing loss has no clear cause, occurs over minutes or hours, and gradually worsens within 3 days until it reaches its peak. This type of hearing loss is called idiopathic sudden deafness. Although the main age of onset is around 50 years old, it has been found in clinical practice that the age of onset is getting younger and younger. At present, it is a very important disease that plagues teenagers and can cause hearing disability.

What is the experience of sudden deafness/tinnitus?

Sudden hearing loss refers to sensorineural hearing loss of unknown cause that occurs suddenly within 72 hours. The hearing loss in sudden deafness can occur instantly, within a few hours or days, and there is also a sudden deafness in the morning. It usually comes quickly and violently. In addition to varying degrees of hearing loss, it is often accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, ear fullness, etc. Mental stress, mood swings, irregular life, overwork, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc. are common triggering factors.

Sudden deafness and tinnitus usually have obvious symptoms, and the following symptoms usually appear:
1. Frequent hearing noises. No matter what environment they are in, the patient will feel as if he is at a construction site, and there will be some noisy sounds in his ears. Usually, one ear will hear it first at first, which may be intermittent sharp sounds, and then both ears will hear it. A constant din can be heard.

2. Inability to concentrate on hearing and speaking louder. Patients with sudden deafness and tinnitus usually cannot hear clearly what the other person is saying. Therefore, it may be difficult to focus on listening and concentrate on their own hearing. It can also be difficult to notice others greeting you while walking down the street. In addition, patients may feel that their voice is not loud enough, so they often speak loudly.

3. Dizziness and tinnitus. The most common symptoms of sudden deafness and tinnitus are dizziness and tinnitus, which are often signs of deafness. Patients may feel dizzy from time to time and have strange sounds in their ears. These symptoms may worsen as the disease progresses.

Sudden deafness does not happen for no reason. It is usually caused by a decline in your body. Therefore, in order to prevent sudden hearing loss,Deafness patients should strengthen daily physical exercise to reduce the formation of blood clots. It is not advisable to smoke and drink excessively. You should relax properly after stressful work and do not have fun all night long. Especially for many men, they cannot indulge in it.

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