Is it harmful to the ears if we often wear headphones but the volume is very low?

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Wearing headphones to listen to audio has increasingly become a habit of modern people’s work and life. We are accompanied by music almost every day. Some people have even developed a strong dependence on music. They must wear headphones and listen to music on their way to and from get off work every day, from the door to their work station, and then back home from get off work in the evening. During the two-hour round trip, the only thing that accompanied me was music. Because music can make me quiet, music can make me think...

I often wear headphones but the volume is very low Is it harmful to the ears?

Noise-induced hearing loss is a slowly progressive sensorineural hearing loss caused by long-term exposure to noise stimulation, which can even lead to deafness. . Noise is a random combination of sounds (mechanical noise, etc.) with irregular frequency and intensity, or it can be a regular combination of sounds (music). The greater the noise intensity and frequency, the greater the impact on hearing, and the longer the daily exposure time , the hearing damage will be greater. If you often wear headphones to listen to music, continuous sound stimulation will directly affect the external auditory canal and middle ear, which can cause ear vasospasm damage, tinnitus, ear swelling, hearing loss, etc.

The main cause of hearing loss caused by wearing headphones is the destruction of hair cells on the basilar membrane of the cochlea. When sound waves vibrate to the hair cells, the "hearing hairs" on them can bend and deform, stimulate the auditory nerve fibers, and pass to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex to produce hearing. Therefore, hair cells are an important link in the auditory reflex arc. If hair cells are damaged or destroyed, hearing impairment will occur, or even total deafness, because hair cells cannot be repaired and regenerated after damage. Experts believe that hearing damage caused by strong sounds, although not obvious in adolescence, becomes very prominent in middle age.

At present, there are two mainstream types of headphones on the market: head-mounted headphones and earbuds. Headphones have good listening effects, and earbuds are easy to carry, but they are All types of headphones cause the same damage to the ears. Listening to music with headphones, because the distance between the eardrum and the vibrating element of the headphones is very close, the sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated, which greatly stimulates the auditory nerve of the eardrum, which can easily cause ear inflammation, dizziness, tinnitus, hard of hearing, etc. If you listen continuously for several or even ten hours, sudden deafness may occur. In addition, wearing headphones for too long will always put your mind in a state of tension, which is not good for your health.

I often wear headphonesIt is easy to cause ear injury. Severe cases can lead to deafness. If headphones are not used correctly, long-term use will cause great harm. The specific harms are as follows.

1. Hearing fatigue. Generally speaking, if the volume heard by our ears exceeds 85 decibels and is maintained in this condition for a long time, it will easily cause hearing fatigue. When the volume reaches as high as 118 decibels, the hair cells in the ears will die. , resulting in hearing loss that cannot be restored.
2. Hearing loss. If you often use high-decibel volume, it will be very irritating to the ears. If you do this for a long time, it will cause hearing loss and even neurasthenia in some severe cases.
Warm reminder, it is common to use headphones in daily life, but using them for too long at a time is harmful to your hearing. Don’t use them often just because you don’t feel anything wrong with your ears. Over time, you will experience the effects of your ears. It causes great damage to hearing, which can easily lead to hearing loss and even severe deafness.

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