Will wearing headphones frequently be bad for your ears?

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In today’s society, the vast majority of young or middle-aged people like to wear headphones to listen to music or foreign languages. It does not affect others and avoids external interference. It is a chic, elegant and comfortable spiritual enjoyment.

Is it bad for your ears if you often wear headphones?

Frequently wearing headphones to listen to music is harmful to your ears. Noise-induced hearing loss is a slowly progressive sensorineural hearing loss caused by long-term exposure to noise stimulation, which can even lead to deafness. Noise is a random combination of sounds (mechanical noise, etc.) with irregular frequency and intensity, or it can be a regular combination of sounds (music). The greater the noise intensity and frequency, the greater the impact on hearing, and the longer the daily exposure time , the hearing damage will be greater. If you often wear headphones to listen to music, continuous sound stimulation will directly affect the external auditory canal and middle ear, which can cause ear vasospasm damage, tinnitus, ear swelling, hearing loss, etc.

The main cause of hearing loss caused by wearing headphones is the destruction of hair cells on the basilar membrane of the cochlea. When sound waves vibrate to the hair cells, the "hearing hairs" on them can bend and deform, stimulate the auditory nerve fibers, and pass to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex to produce hearing. Therefore, hair cells are an important link in the auditory reflex arc. If hair cells are damaged or destroyed, hearing impairment will occur, or even total deafness, because hair cells cannot be repaired and regenerated after damage. Experts believe that hearing damage caused by strong sounds, although not obvious in adolescence, becomes very prominent in middle age. < /p> The headphones will cause the following damage to the ears:
1. It is easy to cause inflammation of the ears: often wearing headphones to listen to songs, headsets will be stuffed in the ears for a long time, so that the ear is easy to produce bacteria. , these bacteria will cause ear inflammation over time.
2. Hearing damage: Often wearing headphones to listen to music, the sound is transmitted to the eardrum. If the eardrum is in a state of vibration for a long time, it is easily damaged, leading to hearing loss.

3. If you often wear headphones to listen to music and play the sound very loudly, your eardrums are easily damaged. In severe cases, it may cause people to completely lose their hearing.

Experts suggest that in order to prevent MP3 from causing hearing lossFirst, do not listen at high volume for a long time. You should give your ears a rest every half hour. The volume setting should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. Among them, the bass is the most obvious damage to the ears, so don’t turn the bass too loud. Also don't listen in noisy public places, as it takes a lot of volume to drown out the noise. Second, do not listen while sleeping. Due to the influence of sleeping posture, it is inevitable that the pillow will put pressure on the earplugs, causing physical damage to the eardrum. And when you fall asleep listening to music, the damage to your ears is more obvious. People who want to extend their music listening time should choose special headphones that can cancel noise, or do regular ear health exercises without headphones, such as pulling the earlobes and gently stroking the outer bones of the ears. No more than two hours.

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